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Semi-Custom Headwear

Semi-Custom Headwear

GMPC’s Semi-Custom 2021 Collection is a curated selection of customizable headwear featuring our best-selling, on-trend profiles. Use hat styles as presented or put your own spin on them by changing out construction details such as back closure or embellishment technique.

Minimum order quantities start at 300 units per style/color.

For tech-packs or more information, please contact your Account Representative.

With GMPC’s 40+ years of expertise in the fashion accessories manufacturing business, you can be confident your brand is in capable hands.

Contact us today to find out more.

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Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design

Each style in our Sustainable Apparel & Accessories Collection is crafted from the highest quality fabrications made with sustainable fibers.

Our apparel & accessories are constructed with durability in mind; every style in our collection is designed to last.

We work with others who share our commitment to manufacturing quality products and providing a safe and healthy working environment for their employees. All production locations agree to adhere to our Workplace Code Of Conduct.  Factory specific audits/certification are available upon request.

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Trend Forecasting

Trend Forecasting

trend Forecasting

Our creative teams collate and present trend research gathered from blogs, social media, industry shows, and competitive retail shopping to provide both macro and micro trends for the upcoming seasons.

Looking for inspiration on how your brand translates into accessories and apparel? We can create a customized presentation tailored to your audience.

Contact us today and we’ll provide our latest trend report for your category.

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Our Process

Full Service Private Label

Trend Reports, Design and Merchandising, Product Development, Sourcing, Quality Control, and Logistics – we provide a full ‘white glove’ service for Private Label Accessories and Apparel.

Looking for a vendor to just produce from your tech-packs? We are one of the largest suppliers of headwear and fashion accessories. Our global network will ensure your pricing and quality needs are met.

If your strategy is to extend your brand, grow business, and create brand-enhancing accessories, GMPC is truly a turn-key partner.

Creative Resources

Stay ahead of the curve. Our three in-house design studios provide seasonal trend forecasting service tailored to each of the industries that we support.

Our design teams live in fashion centers including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, providing immediate access to emerging consumer behavior and retail trends. From market samples to trend reports and cads, our designers consistently provide technically innovative, on-trend inspiration and design. Cool-hunters at heart, the design teams present Seasonal Trend Reports and Key Item Market Recon.

Come visit one of our showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Shanghai or reach out and request a copy of our latest trend reports.

Domestic & Overseas Sourcing

Great design is only the beginning. The real magic happens when GMPC transforms that perfect two dimensional concept into a living, three dimensional product.

The key to our development success is our detail-oriented, highly experienced, product specialists. Our developers are trained in domestic and overseas production and approach every project equipped with countless years of individual and institutional knowledge.

GMPC’s development teams located in each of our domestic and international locations regularly share knowledge both organically as well as through our proprietary development software that enables GMPC to leverage over 40 years of product development experience and wisdom.

Best in Class

GMPC has manufactured and imported products from Asia for over 40 years. Over this period of time we have cultivated and maintained long-term partnerships with hand-selected, best in class factories in each of our product categories.

GMPC exclusively partners with factories who share our commitment not only to manufacturing the finest quality products but to do so while providing their employees with a safe and healthy work environment. GMPC recognizes, understands and remains fully committed to partnering with factories that meet or exceed our customers’ most stringent compliance requirements. To this end, our factories are regularly inspected and audited by both our in-house compliance experts as well as third party auditors to assure that each factory meets wage, child labor, overtime, health, safety, and environmental Standards.

We take responsibility

QA and QC are the final pieces of the product development lifecycle. GMPC defines success not as designing a great item or even making great proto samples, but rather as delivering our customers production goods that exceed their expectations.

Quality Assurance is managed by GMPC’s internal team of inspectors located throughout China. GMPC’s quality control protocol includes both in-line and post production inspections performed at the factory level. We also regularly inspect the raw materials and components to assure that they are of acceptable quality prior to the start of production.

Our philosophy is to invest heavily in resources that enable us to avoid quality issues from the start rather than address them after the fact. Should an issue arise, our customers take solace knowing that GMPC is a US based company with an impeccable reputation. We are proud to have a proven record of taking responsibility and honor all of our commitments.

Supply Chain Solutions

Production is completed, now what? The sheer volume of goods GMPC annually imports, assures our customers efficient customs clearance and the most reliable, economical international and domestic freight pricing.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, GMPC tracks and coordinates every shipment from the time it leaves our overseas factories until it reaches its final destination. Our team handles all documentation for timely customs clearance and arranges ocean and air freight from Asia to the U.S. and other worldwide destinations.

Our Story

Our story begins in Los Angeles in 1974.

GMPC’s founder, Gary Mandel, a creative and ambitious, product-centric perfectionist wanted more for his customers than existing design and manufacturing resources permitted.  Gary was determined to provide the highest quality, bespoke products and accessories, capable of complementing and enhancing his customers’ brands.  He was committed to the notion that every item created by GMPC should both embody and enrich the brand that it is connected to.

Gary quickly recognized that the key to achieving his vision was building a world class design team, deep product expertise and international manufacturing capabilities….

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GMPC collaborates with outstanding market leaders to design and manufacture custom performance and on-trend lifestyle accessories.

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The Accessory Collective

Located in our New York City showroom, the Accessory Collective offers our retail customers men’s and women’s fashion accessories.

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